Vanity mirrors are generally concave mirrors but they are smaller in size. They can be portable as well as fixed. They are normally used for applying makeup and are most commonly used by girls. The word vanity means pride, admiration of own appearance, or self-love. And mirrors are used for doing makeup besides other applications. That’s why the mirror that is used for applying makeup on the face is called a vanity mirror. They are smaller in size and can be placed on a table or you can attach them to the wall of your bedroom or dressing room. The most common place where these mirrors are found is in wardrobe and dressing room tables. As they come in various sizes and designs and most of them are portable so you can easily fit them in your desired location.

Applications of vanity mirror

Men and women all around the world use vanity mirrors for their everyday routines and lifestyle. Men use vanity mirrors for styling their hair or beard. Women use these for applying makeup, as well as styling their hair. Some types of hair styling can be very difficult for you without the use of these concave vanity makeup mirrors. Many beauty salons around the world use portable vanity mirrors for their clients. Clients love to see their look in the mirror while the hair stylist can style their hair. It also helps in maintaining eye contact with the hair stylist so you can have a conversation with him.

Hollywood mirrors

Hollywood mirrors are actually a variation or you can say that they are types of vanity mirrors. There is the same concept in both. One different thing is that for Hollywood mirrors bulbs are attached or surrounded by the edges of the mirror. That helps give light to the face while doing makeup. These mirrors are used in shadowy conditions to avoid any trouble while you are getting ready. Bathroom mirrors are also termed as vanity mirrors. It is the main place that you use most of your day for bathing, brushing your teeth, and applying makeup. Also used for your morning and night skincare routine. Some categories of these mirrors came with anti-condensation. Anti-condensation vanity mirrors help you see clearly in warm or humid environments that can be caused by using hot water while taking showers and running baths.

How the vanity mirror was invented?

Vanity mirrors are well known for a long time ago. first, it was in the 1750s when a mirror was placed on the dressing table and was considered an item of glamour. Before attaching the vanity mirror the dressing table was known as the toilet table. After the invention of the vanity mirror dressing table came into existence. But the mirrors that are selling nowadays in the market are upgraded, now you don’t need a dressing table to attach or place these mirrors on that. You can get a favorite mirror of your choice and can attach it to the wall or any kind of wardrobe as they are coming in various designs and are totally portable.


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