You want to get your house exteriors sparkling clean, but some parts are beyond your reach; what do you do then? Pressure washers provide a convenient solution. Using these allows easy access to any part of your house, thereby allowing you to get rid of all the hard-to-find dirt.

Owning a power washer doesn’t mean you have a thorough knowledge of how to use it, as you can’t just use it anyhow. You can’t just use it on your house without research and a bit of experience. So as not to waste your time and get the best results, you have to pressure wash the right way.

Pressure washers are like every other outdoor power device, which means you have to select the right one that suits your task. Certain factors have to be in mind, such as the size of your house and the amount of dirt to be cleaned.

If you have a small house or your house is not quite dirty, you can’t use an electric pressure washer. This is because electric pressure washers don’t have enough power to do the job right. They are more suitable for medium tasks such as cleaning cars, decks, and patios.

In contrast, gas pressure washers are great for rigorous works, so they seem like the best option for your house, irrespective of size. But it is advisable to use this with hand tools, for optimum results.

The cleaning power of a regular pressure washer is measured in PSI or pounds per square inch, in relation to its flow rate, which is GPM or gallons per minute. Typically, a 2200psi pressure washer that runs on electricity has less cleaning effectiveness than a 4200psi one.

If the molds are not that bad, you don’t need hand tools; just the pressure washer is enough. But for extreme cases, you could use the pressure washer with a pump garden sprayer filled with suitable cleaning agents.

How to Attack Overdue Mold with Pressure Washers

If you don’t want to pay professional contractors to handle your house cleaning, then read through the process below on how to handle mold/mildew on or within your house. This may take longer than when the professionals handle it.

Firstly, you fill your pump garden sprayer with a mixture of bleach, any mildewcide of your choice, and water. Then, directly spray this mixture on the surface where the mold is; make sure you scrub and rinse thoroughly.

Immediately after, use your pressure washer to wash your house exteriors from bottom to top, and then rinse again with it, from top to bottom. Make sure you take your time while doing this to get your house clean enough for the whole year and even the next.


House cleaning is not an easy chore, so you need to be patient and meticulous about the whole process. Always put your safety as a top priority when cleaning, and in cases of surfaces that are way beyond reach, you can use an extension pole.


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