Are you the type that gets sweaty easily after carrying out a menial or a major task, irrespective of your skin type? Then you definitely need blotting papers in your skincare kit. You may be one of those that assume blotting papers are just for oily skin, but that’s where you’re wrong.

Having that shine on your face does not mean you have oily skin. It may be due to the atmosphere you expose yourself to, or how balanced your skin’s pH level is, or even other considerable factors. This doesn’t mean you should stick to using tissues because you have normal skin, combination skin, or dry skin; the blotting paper will work well for you as well.

There is a whole lot that blotting paper can do for your skin and not just control the oiliness of your skin. But to discover these other benefits of using blotting paper, you’ll have to read till the end of this article.

5 Benefits of Using Blotting Paper

Regulating the shine on your face

There are many reasons why your face become oily or you get sweaty. A few have been mentioned earlier in the article. Having a blotting paper keeps you prepared for such situations as they quickly absorb any shine or moisture, thereby keeping your face as non-glossy as you can imagine. This, of course, is the most recognized of all the benefits of using blotting paper.

Reduces the appearance of large pores

Large pores tend to appear when you have an oily skin type. Or it could be as a result of using the wrong skin care products, which could lead to an undesired effect on your pores. Either way, your pores tend to enlarge, leading to more oil production on your face. The blotting paper helps regulate the appearance of enlarged pores, hence making your face look less shiny.

Setting your makeup

Makeup products tend to have quite an amount of oil in them. This means applying them on your face, especially if you have an oily skin type, could lead to the appearance of more shine. To avoid this, pat your face with blotting paper after applying your foundation or sunscreen. This helps to soak up the excess oil and keep your makeup set.

Setting your lipstick

To keep your lipstick set or to get that matte finish look after applying your lipstick, a blotting paper will help you do the trick. All you need to do is pat your lips with the blotting paper after applying your lipstick before applying a second layer of lipstick. This gives you the desired look and keeps your lipstick on for a longer period.

Alternative for dry shampoo

One of the least recognized benefits of using blotting paper is a substitute for dry shampoo. Whenever you run out of dry shampoo, and you’re in a bit of a hurry to get somewhere, just use blotting papers on the roots of your hair. This will get rid of the dirt stuck around there.


After going through this article, you’ll find that the benefits of using blotting paper are pretty handy in enjoying less oily skin. So whatever your skin type, you should get yourself one today.


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