Do you want to knit some lightweight clothing like headbands and bows? If yes, then soft bullet fabric will do the job perfectly for you! If you are unsure how to use this kind of fabric, this article is for you.

What is a soft bullet fabric?

A bullet fabric is not 100% polyester but a fusion of spandex and polyester. It is stretchable and has a crepe-like texture. This is why this fabric is mainly used to make light in weight and stretchy clothing such as headbands, bows, leggings, light cardigans, sometimes activewear.

Many sewing beginners and professionals love this fabric because it is washable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain.

Availability of bullet fabric

You can find a variety of soft bullet fabric collections online in many different prints, designs, and bright colors. You need to be a little careful while you buy the fabric because the best ones are the ones that do not fray or easily loosen up. Bullet fabrics are super convenient to work with and do not break your bank simultaneously since they are not heavy on pockets.

The texture of bullet fabric

The most exciting part about a soft bullet fabric is the material it is made from and, of course, its texture. As mentioned above, it is not 100% polyester, so it is stretchy and smooth on one side while a little ribbed on the other. The bullet fabric that touches the skin is cozy, and the outer part is breathable and comfy. The best part is that this kind of fabric gives a beautiful fall-not too much;  so you can use it in sewing pleated skirts, dresses, and other types of semi-draped clothing. It will give that perfect-fit look to your dresses without making them look swinging or baggy.

Ideas for styling bullet fabric

Here are a few ideas of what you can sew with soft bullet fabric.


Bows are cute little accessories that you can add to any clothing style to make them look super elegant and classy. The best fabric to make DIY bows is bullet fabric because of its stretchiness and soft texture. Make them in different prints and bright colors and sew them on the top of headbands, scrunchies, bags, clips, dresses, etc.


Bullet fabric is the best choice to knit slouchy cardigans. Since bullet fabric does not fray, is light in weight, and is comfortable, you can wear these cardigans in the winter and fall season, when it is not very cold.

Headbands and Scrunchies

If you are looking for headbands for your baby girls that are not uncomfortable, then bullet fabric is the best material for making DIY headbands. They are stretchy, weightless and soft at the same time. For adults, you can sew scrunchies that are not too hard on the hair and super breathable, causing less breakage and more style!

Parting lines

Besides the ones mentioned above, bullet fabric has many other uses, including pleated dresses and activewear since it does not loosen out so quickly. You can find many suppliers online selling bullet fabric at very reasonable prices worldwide in hundreds of uniques prints and designs. Order your desired print and color and start sewing whatever suits your style. Good luck.


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