For the right reasons, a water filter pitcher can be found on the countertop of almost every American household. It’s simple to set up and use, and you can see the water filtering in action. It also necessitates the least amount of space and upkeep.

Why is it necessary to filter your drinking water?

The increasing demand for drinkable and clean water in recent years has only one meaning: people are becoming aware of the dangers associated with drinking water from questionable sources. There are numerous reasons not to drink contaminated water, but there are even more reasons not to drink it. If you consume contaminated water, your health might be at a risk, among other things.

You may want to know about the health risks associated with the consumption of tap water. Yes, it’s true. Yes, the majority of the country’s tap water is treated in accordance with standard sanitary regulations, and it differs significantly from untreated water from other sources. The tap water has been treated and is safe to drink. However, the tap water is never filtered despite the strict treatment. This means that biological, radiological, physical, and even chemical contaminants may still be present.

Natural or man-made contaminants may be present in tap water. See the website EPA for a detailed list of these contaminants. The best known include pesticides, heavy metals, lead, and industrial chemicals. The level of damage caused by these pollutants is based on their concentration, although some of them are completely harmless at any concentration. Water filters for drinking water can remove lead, a significantly harmful chemical contaminant.

For example, if you have pipes or lead faucets in your home plumbing, you are at risk for lead poisoning. Lead poisoning causes severe symptoms in children and adults, such as developmental delays and learning disabilities, as well as kidney problems. Biological contaminants include viruses, parasites and bacteria. These contaminants can cause acute gastrointestinal problems in the body if not filtered. Diarrhea, Nausea and cramps are some of the most common symptoms.

When you learn that it is near impossible to test the purity of your tap water before you drink it, the situation becomes even more complicated. This can be done only by performing a water test, which is a time-consuming and tedious procedure. It is better to use a high-quality water purifier for the filtration of your tap water.

What is the best way to obtain water without TDS?

The concentration of dissolved organic matter and inorganic solids in a water system is called total dissolved solids, or TDS. For more information on TDS, click here.

Zero TDS Water Filter Pitcher

The zero water filter pitcher uses an innovative filtration system to remove TDS from water.

With this pitcher, it becomes quite easy to obtain water with zero TDS. The system uses a 6-stage filtration system to effectively remove contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and lead from water. Also, with the use of this filter, scale buildup can be prevented, providing clean and healthy water. The filter also features a sophisticated design, gravity indicator, and LED light. With the LED light you are always informed about the status of your filter.

Tankless reverse osmosis system

A semipermeable membrane in a reverse osmosis water filtration system removes impurities from drinking water. It only allows molecules of sizes smaller than its pore size to pass through the membrane, which has microscopic pores 0.0001 micrometers in diameter.

Compared to the molecules of dissolved salts and metals, the water molecules are tiny. Therefore, the dissolved impurities are left behind when the water is forced through the membrane. Therefore, the RO system is found to be the most effective way to lower the TDS level in the water.

The G3 P800 under-sink reverse osmosis system contains improved 7-layer membranes RO. This effectively removes heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants in the water through the system. This system can reduce TDS levels by more than 90% after thorough flushing. In addition, the large display of the faucet shows the filter life, TDS index, and malfunction information in real-time.


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