Virtual reality has revolutionized many practices, from gaming to combat training to academic courses. As the name explains, virtual reality is a three-dimensional computer-simulated world that users experience using special hardware. You can think of it like a 3D movie; however, in VR games, you can also touch and feel the surroundings.

The concept sounds fantastic, but VR requires dedicated hardware like headsets or glasses. Since users with corrective lenses faced difficulty playing VR, manufacturers came up with prescription lenses. You can take off your glasses while playing a VR game now!

Prescription lenses are compatible with most models like Quest 2 and many others. Numerous sellers offer prescription lenses, but ZyberVR provides some of the best VR prescription lenses online.

Characteristics of ZyberVR Prescription Lenses

Prescription lenses are not necessary for users with good eyesight. However, they are essential for users who require corrective lenses to focus on the seen objects. Let’s see what features the prescription lenses on ZyberVR offer.

Easy Installation

The first thing that makes these prescription lenses a top priority for users is their easy installation. All you have to do is align the lenses to your Quest 2 lenses. The magnets of these lenses firmly bind them to the headset to ensure excellent gameplay.

Scratch Resistant

Users with glasses know the complexities of lenses, like scratching, getting misty, or requiring cleaning efforts. However, the prescription lenses from ZyberVR are lined with scratch-resistant sealants to prevent them from scratching. Due to their premium quality linings, they are easier to clean and don’t turn misty during the game.

Blue Light Protection

All electronics generate blue light. It may not seem a significant concern, but the light affects your sleep and eyesight. The ZyberVR prescription lenses also provide blue light protection to ensure eyesight safety.


Everyone wants to take their Quest 2 headsets with them, especially if they are staying at a friend’s house. But what do you do as a spectacle user? Don’t worry! The VR prescription lenses from ZyberVR are super light, and you can carry them easily. You can either place them in the pocket on your headset’s carrying case or in a backpack.

However, if you carry them in a backpack, it is best to use a dedicated case. Many sellers sell carrying cases for prescription lenses as well.

Do You Need a Prescription for Prescription Lenses, or Does ZyberVR Offers a Universal Figure?

It is one of the most asked questions by buyers. Therefore, it is important to clarify it. Prescription lenses are constructed for every user individually. Consequently, you must give your eyesight prescription when ordering them.

Note that there are no universal lenses that work for all users. Prescription lenses are a user-oriented purchase. ZyberVR offers a prescription range of -8.00 to +8.00 of SPH (sphere) and -6.00 to +6.00 CYL (cylinder).

The Bottom Line

Users with glasses face difficulties in playing VR with their glasses on. It posed several inconveniences. For instance, the glasses would scratch the VR headset, and the constant pressing of the frame made users retire soon. Hence, the idea of prescription lenses popped up.

These are custom-built lenses for VR headsets. Many sellers offer VR prescription lenses; however, ZyberVR has its name in the list of the most trusted brands. Their Quest 2 VR prescription lenses are super easy to install, clean, and scratch-resistant. Moreover, they are easily carriable and are comfortably lightweight.


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