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The market demand for real human hair wigs is always on the increase in the wig industry. The main reason for the widespread increase is the appearance when you wear the wig. Natural human hair wigs look exactly like your real hair when you put them on, thereby making it look like you are not wearing a wig. The increased demands for real human hair wigs, different qualities and features, brands, and other factors have contributed to the dwindling prices of this human hair.

Hence, the range for the different prices of natural human hair wigs may surprise you. You may see a wig for a seemingly low price today, and in the same store, another wig may have a very high price. It is because of the factors playing in both wigs. Let’s take a look at some of the factors

Source of hair

Real human hair, unlike its synthetic counterpart, is sourced from actual humans; that’s why it looks natural. The ways of getting this hair to differ. For some people, they sell their hair to the industry to make ends meet. For these people, it’s purely a business – so it will have an initial cost price. For others, they cut their hair religiously, thereby allowing the wholesalers to collect at minor prices. The amount spent on sourcing the hair will directly influence the cost of human hair.

Hair Industry

Across the world, there are different hair industries across the other continents. There is Brazilian and Peruvian hair from the South American continent, Russian hair from Europe, and Chinese and Indian hair comes from the Asian continent. The location of the hair, first of all, has a direct effect on the cost. For Chinese hair, most women don’t sell strands, which makes the industry rely on imported hair, causing the price to rise.

Quality and Purity

It’s no news that not all real human hair has natural hair 100%. Even when they have the natural hair 100 percent, they undergo some processes to style, curl, and design the wig. These processes may also include adding synthetic hair or animal hair, which may affect the purity of the natural hair. Some of the processes may even reduce or increase hair quality. First off, the cost of the processes and procedures will already be spread across the hair. After that, the labor cost and time spent during these processes will affect the hair. If the process increases the lifespan of the hair, then the cost of the human hair will grow.


Generally, human hair comes in black and brown across the globe. But in the wig industry, we have wig options of different colors. To change the color of a wig, you will need different processes after making the wig in the natural color. These new processes will affect the production cost of the wig, which will affect the price in total.


Some factors, apart from the ones mentioned above, also affect the cost of wigs globally. Some of these factors are the brand, length, and expected lifespan of the wig.


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