Staying on your desk mandatorily for work doesn’t generate an excuse to ditch your fitness activities. A treadmill, otherwise interpreted an under desk treadmill, keeps users moving all day long, increasing metabolism and impacting cardiovascular fitness with each step. Under desk treadmills are an excellent way to improve your health without compromising on productivity.

This article lists all the things that you need to consider before buying the best under desk treadmills and whether an under-desk treadmill is for you.

Selection Criteria Of The Best Under Desk Treadmills

When going out on a treadmill purchase, it’s highly crucial for you to consider the following factors and features in a treadmill to avoid buying an unsuitable piece for yourself.

1. Speed

Adults walk about 3 miles per hour on average. Most walking treadmills have speeds ranging from.5 to 4 mph. If you intend to use your under-desk treadmill for training runs, make sure it has the speed and stability to accommodate a faster gait. However, most under-desk treadmills lack handles to hold onto, which can make fast-paced walking or running difficult.

2. Belt Quality

Narrower treadmill belts force users, particularly the taller ones, to adopt awkward gaits that are often very different from how they normally walk. These abnormal walking postures place undue strain on your muscles and tendons, resulting in severe hip pain. Wider treadmill belts, particularly ranging from 18″-20″, are better for health and performance.

3. Length Of The Track

The length of the track shouldn’t be too long as it needs to fit into a designated space. However, if it’s too short, it’ll not be very efficient. The ideal length of the track should be around 50” as it is the perfect size to fit under a desk and still give enough space to walk.

4. Warranty

When choosing an under-desk treadmill, opt for one that offers a warranty for the controller board and the motor, as they’re the most likely part to be damaged. There should be a minimum three-year warranty, and make sure to read the terms if there are any extra costs related to servicing and maintenance.

5. Safety Features

It is easy to become distracted while working and walking at the same time. That is why an emergency stop button or safety key is useful for quickly stopping the treadmill if necessary.

6. Wireless Connectivity

Many treadmills come with Bluetooth connectivity and offer you the ability to connect your devices to them. They can also connect to your television and display your progress. This feature is extremely useful for people who use their smartphones to watch treadmill exercises while on a treadmill.


To summarize, before buying an under-desk treadmill, you should conduct extensive research. When brainstorming, make sure to include all of the above-mentioned essential factors, and don’t get distracted by too many facts and figures; instead, look for products that check all of the above-mentioned boxes. It’s highly recommended to take care of all the feaures of an under desk treadmill and buy the most befitting one that’s the most convenient to you.


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