Can the comparison between lace front and lace closure wigs ever end? From our point of view, we don’t think that’s possible. Already, wigs have become part of our everyday life, and even if you’re not wearing a wig in a day, it’s almost impossible not to see someone with a wig. 

Both the lace front wigs and the lace closure wigs have similar sizes. We have a 4×4 lace front wig, which is often compared to the lace closure, usually having the same size. There are other sizes of lace front wigs apart from the 4×4 option. Both wigs are also beautiful and offer you benefits. 

So which is the better option between lace closure and lace front wig? Well, the answer to that will depend on your opinion and the purpose for choosing the wigs. What we’ll help you do is compare the features of the 4×4 lace front wigs with the lace closure of the same size and leave you to make your choice. 

Features of Lace Front Wigs

There’s no way we can discuss the features of lace front wigs without explaining the meaning of a lace front wig. A 4×4 lace front wig is a wig that has a lace material at the front of the wig. The lace material is of different types, including high definitions, Swiss, amongst others. The lace in the front of a 4×4 lace front wig gives the wig a natural look. Some of the features you’ll love in a lace front wig include;

Realistic appearance 

The most important feature of a lace front wig is its natural appearance. With the lace in the front of the wig and some baby hairs, it’s incredibly similar to your natural hair, and except you mention it, most people won’t be able to tell it’s not a wig. 

Easy installation 

Installing a lace frontal isn’t a hard job to do. It’s a process you can follow on your own, but it’s always better to contact an expert. The only hard job to do is to find a lace color that matches your skin tone. 

Hairstyle liberty

With lace front hair, you can try out as many hairstyles and techniques as you want. 

High cost and maintenance

Purchasing a 4×4 lace front wig is a huge investment that will still cost more in maintenance. 

Features of Lace Closure Wigs

Lace closures are usually made to enhance a style or close a wig. Lace closures are typically available in three styles; the middle part, the three-part, and the free part. The free part allows you to style in many styles, while the three-part and middle part give you three styles and one style, respectively. Some of the features of lace closure include; 

Complex installation

Installing a lace closure will require an expert in most cases. Also, it may take a few hours, depending on the chosen style. 

Low prices

The cost of purchasing a lace closure is usually lower, and because of the ease of usage, it usually lasts longer. 

Low maintenance 

To maintain a lace closure, you don’t need any unique processes aside from from washing and conditioning. 


There you have it! This guide compares the good and bad features of the 4×4 lace closure and the 4×4 lace front wigs. It’s left to you to make your choice based on your preferences. 


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