Have you got a fascinating body wave hair wig? It’s time to try 8 different looks to make the most of this wig. You can try these looks when you have a 100 percent human hair wig. Some styles work on synthetic wigs, but the only reasonable choice is an unprocessed hair wig when you need perfect volume and look.

1. Make it Fluffy

If you have sleek waves and want to change its look quickly, the great idea is to make it fluffy. Fluffiness adds volume to your body wave hair and makes it look more attractive than before. You should try it with your casual clothing.

2. Irregular Waves

Don’t want a perfect glam look? It’s time to give a try to irregular waves. They don’t have the same pattern. This irregularity is a well-known laid-back style. You add choppy waves to make your hairstyle an undone look. Fortunately, this look doesn’t take time. So, you can try it when you don’t have hours to get ready.

3. Tight Curls

Turning body wave hair into tight curls as they look very appealing. You can have magnetic appeal in your persona with these curls. It would be best if you used a small wand to get them. It might take you more time to turn waves into tight curls. But all this time is worth it when you see your beautiful look as a result.

4. Half Updo

Set half down your long body wave hair while making a fluffy front updo with the upper half. This style is semi-formal, and you can get it for special parties or a dinner night with your partner. You can accessorize a half updo with a fancy clip or white flowers at weddings.

5. Layered Cut

Once you have a long wavy wig in your hand, don’t stick with a long straight look. An Instant change is possible through a layered haircut. This refreshing haircut will add a glam factor to your styling. Keeping all layered cut at one side will help you get a flattery appeal in no time.

6. One-Length-cut

If you are into 80s hairstyling more and want something simple yet meaningful, then a one-length cut for your wave seems like a great idea. Turning layered into a single-cut isn’t possible; you need to get another body wave wig for this purpose. It’s not hard to find a new wavy wig with an all-one-length cut style.

7. Front Braid

Do you need a look at fantasy dramas? Well, it’s not that hard because the top series bring side braids with long wavy hair. You can create a simple french braid and free the remaining hair in the air.

8. Free-form Curls

It’s one of the most superficial looks to try with body wave hair. You need to use a curling iron only for 2 seconds on every inch of wavy hair. As a result, you will get fewer bouncy free-form curls. They make a beautiful frame around your face and boost your aesthetic appeal. Whether you are wearing blue jeans or black pants, this specific style of curls turns you into a style diva in no time. Finally, you know about different looks to try with body wave hair. Which one do you want to try?


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